health coaching

Health Coaching: probably one of the best things I have ever taken on in my life!

I discovered this career path while working in theatre, deciding I needed to find some more work-life balance and something that spoke a little more to my soul. [I made a list of the things I could do/ read/ think about/ talk about for hours and hours and not get tired of, and came out with wellness + nutrition + people + fulfilling activities + exercise + the unbounded potential for creativity… and it all led me to health coaching! I couldn’t be more thrilled.]

I am a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, building my own practice, and absorbing as much fascinating information on holistic health, wellness, fitness, and relationships as I can.

Through my practice, From the Ground Up Wellness, I work with clients who are interested in reaching their full potential through informed eating choices and personalized lifestyle management strategies that speak to their true self. I aim to energize and motivate clients as they find inspiration from within to do incredible things.

We explore how the food you eat can provide you with the fuel to fully realize your highest potential.

We explore whole foods for a whole life.

We explore how to choose happiness and health.

These are all things that have made a remarkable difference in my own life and I am happy to speak from experience that big changes are possible — and with big changes come amazing new opportunities.

I devote a lot of focus to vegan and ethical food choices, food intolerances (especially dairy-free and gluten-free eating), young families (and building healthy habits for life), overcoming emotional eating and cravings, weight management, and finding time-efficient strategies to fit conscious choices into a hectic schedule.

I work with clients around North America to provide motivation and resources to empower personal growth, positivity, and healthy, happy  changes. In-person private coaching and group events are offered in the New York City area (with plans to expand the workshop series within Canada and the U.S. — let me know if you’re interested in one in your area!). I also offer coaching by telephone and Skype for clients located outside the five boroughs of NYC.

Please stop on over to my practice’s website at — there, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter [positive energy and  healthy living tips right to your inbox!], contact me about consultations, and learn more about this seriously excellent career path I’m on.



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